Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quick post

Ahhh, one of my favorite artists, Brenna White, just did this new piece for Halloween.
Isn't it cool?!! She is great with watercolor and pen.

Here is how this week looks:

Tuesday: work 7a-7p

Wednesday: school 12:30-5:00

Thursday:Clinical 7a-7p

Friday: EGD at surgeon's office

Saturday: work 7a-7p

So far so good! I know I cannot stop saying this, but I LOVE my new job in Med/Surg. I really feel as though I've found my nitch. It's funny because Mom is a Cardiac Nurse, Geoff will be a Cardiac Nurse and I like Med/Surg and O.B. (funny how genetics works isn't it??)

On another awesome note, it snowed a little yesterday! I cannot remember the last time it snowed in October! Like the cold weather freak that I am, I walked around in the 30 degree weather on my lunch break in my scrub pants and t-shirt. *happy sigh*

Anyhow, just wanted to update.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Okay, so today has been my much needed off far today I have:
-written 2 papers for school
-studied for HESI
-got my fingerprints made for the Nursing boards
-accidently paid for my fingerprints twice...and of course the extra $48 is non-refundable.
-went shopping for much needed vitamins and deodorant
-took a wonderful hour long nap

Wow...can you believe that we have to get fingerprinted AND have a background check just to take the nursing boards??!! Wow...there must be a lot of felons trying to get into nursing...??

I'm soooo trying not to stress out about school. We only have 5 weeks left and I must hold on! (enter Wilson Phillips 'Hold on for one more day' song here)

The HESI retake is on the 7th and 14th of November, if the 7th is taken the I will have to schedule it for the 14th. *grrrr*

Shew....I need some prayers you all.....MAJOR prayers.
Please pray for peace, that I will pass HESI this next go around, that I will pass all of my classes and finish up my 240 hours of clinical *in which I have 105 hours left*

Anyhow, dad made a fire downstairs and I am going to enjoy what's left of my yummy starbucks coffee and chill for an hour or so...then it's back to studying!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Well....I did not pass my exit exam, but I do have another chance. Oddly enough I got all of the hard questions correct *the critical thinking ones* but missed a bunch of the memorization questions *lab values/therapeutic drug level*.

At least I know what I need to study more now.

I will be taking the next exam in 3 weeks on November 7th.

In other news, fall is in full swing here! I absolutely LOVE it!!

Dad made a fire in the fireplace lastnight, and we watched the latest Indiana Jones movie. Mom brought Harry kitty downstairs and we put in the movie in which Harry was named after, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone". We had a fabulous evening together, I cannot even remember when the last time we all had a weekend off and actually did something together.

I'm tying up loose ends with my clinical. We've had to do so much ridiculous busy work, but I'm thankful to say that the majority of it has been finished. I lack finishing up my change project, and typing a few of my 'Reflections' from clinical. Wow...I cannot wait until this semester is over!

Anyhow, I'm gonna get off of here and finish up some laundry and other school related things. This week is going to be BUSY!!!

Monday: Clinical 7a-7p

Tuesday: Work 7a-7p

Wednesday: School 8a-4p

Thursday: Work 7a-7p

Friday: Clinical Final 1p-4p

Saturday: Study time for HESI *maybe a little hang out time w/a friend*

Yeah....only 6 classes left!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Harry is home!!

Happy day!! Our Harry got to come home from the vet this afternoon!
The vet said she did great with the surgery and that she's been eating a ton of cat food. The moment Harry saw Mom and me she started purring like crazy! The vet said that she was well behaved and very loving. *darn right!!*

Here are some pics I just took of Harry back home:

Mom absolutely teary eyed and thrilled to have her Harry back!
*I think Harry is happy to be back in her momma's bed*

Ouch! This is the surgery incision where her back
leg use to be.

Harry eating up all the attention!

Harry says, "There's no place like my home!"

We're glad you're home Harry!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In Shock...

Okay...this morning around opens the front door because she heard one of our cats crying to come in. At first she thought one of the kittens got out but then she quickly figured out it was our cat Harry, who has been gone for over 3 weeks. We basically thought she was either dead or found a new home.

Anyhow, she hobbled up the stairs and straight to the cat food bowls in the kitchen. I bent down to pet her and check her out. She had lost a lot of weight and had a hurt foot. As I looked further at her leg I noticed there was not a paw read it paw. Upon further assessment of her injury it turned out that her right back leg had been broken off and all that was there were two bones sticking out.

Needless to say, mom and I cried for joy that she was home but also because she was hurt. Mom took her back to her bed and cuddled Harry while we were waiting for the vet's office to open up at 7:4o.

We took her to the vet and of course they told us she was severely dehydrated, malnourished, had an infection and that they would have to amputate her leg up to her hip.

She is currently getting pain medicine and getting rehydrated and tomorrow morning she will have her leg surgery.

Wow...God is awesome!! It really hit me like a ton of bricks today...the thought of what poor Harry had been through made me feel ill. But she made it....she fought for her life and now she's back home where she knows she is loved.


Anyhow, that was the craziness that occurred today. I've got clinical tomorrow and then the exit exam on Friday. *prayers please*

I love you all and take care.

Megan loving on Harry

Harry snoozing on my bed
Harry when I dressed her up for St. Patty's day

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stuff on my mind

Wow...lots of stuff going on ..where to begin!?!!

Let's see..I LOVE my new job on 4th! I have a great crew to work with and 12 hour shifts, although is nice working less days each week.

My awesome boss gave me today off to study for my exit exam I have on Friday. I am contemplating whether or not to have clinical on Thursday, or if I should designate it a study day. I'll keep praying about that one.

This has got to be the most busy/stressful week I've had in a loooong time. I know that even though doubts and icky things of that sort are going through my head that God will get me through to victory!


I think it is amazing how God puts certain people in your life at just the right time...especially when you aren't expecting it!

On another note, I am so sick of the election stuff! Whatever happened to honest / integrity filled / God fearing presidential candidates?!! Anymore it's who can be on the most TV shows or magazine covers...and who can 'persuade' the best. I know one thing for sure, we need to pray for our country!!!

One thing I am thankful for is that God knows what needs to happen and who needs to be in office. I am thankful to be a child of God and thankful to know that whatever happens it will be okay.

Well, I'm going to put on some relaxation music and head to bed. I have school from 8-3 tomorrow so I must get my beauty rest. Lord knows I need be awake for my last 6 classes of nursing school!! (that just sounds awesome!!)

Anywho, I love you all and take care.

Friday, October 10, 2008

October Photoshoot

I woke up this morning to sun shining in my face. I thought to myself, "It's been awhile since I have taken pictures...and it is fall *aka the BEST time of year!*"
So anyways, here are the pics I took this morning in the backyard.
*Remember to click on pics to enlarge!*

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Woo Hooo!

Praise God!! I made a 100 on my midterm for Community Nursing! We had a scenario and 7 pages of writing / b.s.-ing information making a program plan for a fake community.

Ahhhh I actually get the day off tomorrow! No clinical, no work, no school...WOW me liiike.
I do, however, need to write a few papers for a few 'busy work' grades in my clinical. Just short one page papers on different meetings/reflection on clinical experiences etc.

Next friday is our exit exam for nursing school *again prayers that Geoff and I pass the test this day*

I currently have 4 cats on my bed and I do believe they have taken's very apparent when I catch myself adjusting around them in bed...

Anywho, just wanted to do a quick update before I read, study and head to bed.

Love you all!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Baby time!!

Okay, so I have got some of the CUTEST baby pics / videos of my neice Cadence.

Sadly, I could not join in the fun because I'm still sick with bronchitis, but nontheless these cheered me up.

Cadence & Angie

Cadence loves her Papaw