Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I just got this in an E-mail

Look at the world as your Father's house. Think of all people you meet as guests in your Father's house, to be treated with love and consideration. Look at yourself as a servant in your Father's house, as a servant of all. Think of no work as beneath you. Be ever ready to do all you can for others who need your help. There is gladness in God's service. There is much satisfaction in serving the highest that you know. Express your love for God in service to all who are living with you in your Father's house.

I pray that I may serve others out of gratitude to God. I pray that my work may be a small repayment for His grace so freely given me.

P.S. By the grace of God, I got a B+ on my first Pediatrics exam!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Update with photos

Just a quick update for my faithful readers. *hahaha*
This past week was CRAZY. We are already in our 5th week of school!! This is my last week in psych rotation at the local V.A. I've actually had a great time in the psych rotation. I was actually offered a job *affiliated with the company I already work for* to teach art therapy sessions! For those of you who do not know, art therapy is my life-long dream, it is the perfect blend of healthcare, art and teaching. Of course I have no degree art therapy, but I have had a few years of intense study, research and practice on friends, family and myself.
Starting next week I will start my pediatrics rotation for a local hospital. I'm all excited because I love kids. Kids are honest, creative, loving and just flat out hilarious!
Well everyone, hate to cut it short but I am tired! I've got to wake up at 5:30am for psych.
I will leave you now with some awesome pictures I took tonight of our new animal friends: "The Kooky Koonies". Enjoy!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Inspiration at 3 a.m.

Inspiration is a funny thing because it fuels the energy we need to step out in faith... even at random hours of the morning... *grins*
For a good portion of my life, art has been a driving force for my inspiration. Various artists such as Van Gogh, Degas, Kandinsky and Monet held a particular place in my heart for many MANY years. The richness of colors and the personal aspects of life being depicted through paint and pastel basically 'sealed the deal' that art was and always will be an important part of my life.

Nursing was never a field of interest for me, even though my best friend in the world *Mom* has been one for over 14 years. I told her many times while growing up, "Mom, I appreciate what you do...but I will NEVER be a Nurse."
About three years ago, the Lord stepped in and spoke to my heart as I worked a random secretary job in an E.R. I have NEVER felt more peace about anything in my life as I had at that moment. Of course my mind said something like, "HA! a Nurse??! I'm horrible at science and sick people and death are not two things I wanna be around 24/7."
Needless to say, after LOTS of praying, and a few required classes later, I applied to ETSU's college of Nursing program *with only a 3.2 GPA*. For those of you who do not know, this program is very hard to get into. The average GPA to get in is between 3.4-3.7, not to mention that there are various people on waiting lists to be accepted. So you can imagine my surprise when I got accepted for the graduating class of 2008, along with my twin brother Geoff. Ever since that fateful day when the Lord spoke to my heart, I have lived from day to day in complete awe that he would ordain me to do such a noble and complex job for a career!

Well, I'm currently in my third semester of Nursing school *with only 2 left to go* and now more than ever I feel the strength of the Lord pushing me through. Here is a basic overview of my week for this semester:

Monday: School from 8a-4pm
Tuesday: Clinical 6am-4pm *a month each of Psych/Pediatrics/O.B.*
Wednesday: Clinical *same as above*
Thursday: Clinical *same as above*
Friday: School from 8am-1pm
Saturday/Sunday: Work 7a-7p in the hospital

Yeah... I'm taking 18 credit hours plus working 24 hours on the weekend not to mention the never ending process of studying.

Seem overwhelming?? It is, but God has blessed me ABUNDANTLY each and everyday with renewed peace, patience, love, joy, understanding and strength.

So in a nutshell, the reason for this 3 a.m. post is my Heavenly Father. He is my reason for reason, my reason for being. He is what has created us individually to do things beyond what we ever thought possible. God is my inspiration.

Monday, September 17, 2007


In this day and age, we need to believe tomorrow will be better than today. It is imperative that we set goals, follow dreams and strive to be more than we have in the past. When people live without hope, they cease to really live at all. Hope is the key to a full and happy life. Hope keeps us going when everything else is gone. Hope is one of the greatest powers we can tap into. As we fight to lose weight, hope needs to be one of our closest friends. Dieters MUST be hopeful people if they want to succeed and Jesus Christ is the focus of our deep hope. He alone can supply us with all the power we need to remain hopeful in tough situations. Call upon the Lord, and He will give you hope beyond reason. As long as we live in hope, we can count on being made conquerors alongside the One who conquers All so we might live: Jesus Christ.

Well, here is my new blog! Inspired by a life-long friend, who just happens to be half way across the world at the moment, I decided to start this blog in hopes that anyone who ends up reading it will be inspired to become better versions of themselves through Christ Jesus.

Like everyone else, I have many...MANY things I need to improve and overcome. The main topics: Spiritual growth, Physical health, letting go of wrong thinking and forgiveness. I must warn you, I am VERY much into photography, Nursing *healthcare*, Art Therapy, kitty cats and coffee!
So, sit back and relax. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy!