Friday, June 27, 2008

Raccoon babies

Thursday, June 26, 2008


It's getting a little easier each day dealing with the loss of Timmy kitty, in which I must give a shout out of praise to the Lord.

I've been in a pondering mood here lately about life in general. I think about how the summer is halfway over and in August I will be starting my very last semester of Nursing school. Then after graduating in December I will be quitting the healthcare company I've been with for 4 years and move down to Florida. I'm so stoked but scared at the same time, I guess we all fear the unknown to a certain extent. There is a song by Natalie Grant that speaks to my heart whenever I feel fearful or discouraged:

Good song....

Monday, June 23, 2008

R.I.P Big Timbo

So I'm crying like a banshee right now because as mom was driving to work she saw one of our cats *mom's cat* Timmy dead by the side of our road.

Needless to say there was much boohooing.

I know some say 'It's just a cat' but Timmy *as with the rest of our cats* are family.
It hurts just as bad as if my own brother had died.

Dad came home from work and buried him in the back yard *our woods* with the other past beloved animals of our family.

As silly as it may sound, please pray for us

The only time Timmy ever looked small
was when he had a bath

He liked to knock down the Christmas cards on the table

Timmy was a good sport and let me dress him

up for Christmas

He helped us move furniture...

Computer geek....

Liked snow...

Awesome snuggler

We'll miss you Timbo

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Key West

(Picture from their beachside hotel)

So, Geoff and Megan's plane came in around 9:54 last night. Their flight was suppose to arrive at 6pm but some nasty storm hit Ft. Lauderdale airport right before their flight took off *praise God that they were safe!*

Anyhow, they came over to the house and ate some Chinese food while sharing their fun adventure in Key West!

Here are some pics from their honeymoon: *no dirty pics I promise!*

Rosie decorated her car for the drive down to Key West....

A Florida rainbow

View of the ocean from the gorgeous hotel they stayed at

Greg, Rosie, Geoff and Megan before para sailing

Hemingway House

The infamous kitty with an extra finger

Flight back to Tennessee

Friday, June 13, 2008

Grrrrrrr *nutrition suggestions needed*

So...I'm on this 'organic kick' right now and I've recently discovered how much I love Silk brand Vanilla soy milk.

I've also discovered that since I've been drinking it for the past two days I have:
-had horrible stomach pains
-broken out in random hives all over my body
-had watery eyes
-runny nose

I then checked the web for the following information:

So....should I try Rice dream next???

Monday, June 9, 2008

Wedding pics

The Bachelorette Party (click on link)

Rehearsal & Dinner (click on link)

The Wedding (click on link)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Morning fun with Rosie and Smudge

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Butt kickin' and a Barbeque

Alright...for those of you who do not know my brother Greg *aka fitness fanatic-guru*
Let me enlighten you.....
Back in high school the guy would to a brisk "3-mile morning run" before school followed by daily weight room training and various freakish protein / creatine shakes.
Add the fact that he is a Marine and you've got what I call ' A workout Gremlin' **not the evil gremlin...but the fuzzy cute one**

Anyways, he took me to his gym, LA Fitness, and for two hours we did weight training and cardio.
My butt and quads have NEVER been this sore in my entire life....not even in band back in high school. I will say this though, he is a kick arse trainer and I am looking forward to him kicking my butt into shape when I permanently move down here. *yes....I'm a bit of a masochist*

After our workout we picked up some groceries, went home and hopped in the pool.
Greg made the most AMAZING turkey burgers I've EVER had!
Luanne, Phil and a friend of Greg and Rosie's *who happens to look like JD from Scrubs* came over and joined us. Here are some pics from last night:

Greg and Damon being silly boys

Greg, Damon and Phil watching some UFC fights

My gorgeous Aunt Luanne * I love you lots!*

Two of the most amazing women EVER
(Rosie and Aunt Luanne)

Good food and a few beers will make
Dr. Dorian go night night...hehehehe

Finally I got a picture of Smudge kitty!